Velvet Anti-Slip Hanger | Ultra Thin Velvet Hanger

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  • Anti-Slip Velvet Finishing: The velvet coating is ideal for fabrics, doesn’t ruin them, and is also anti-slip. Perfect for satin, silk, etc.
  • 360-Degree Rotating Zinc Hook: Effortlessly access your clothing from any angle with the convenience of a fully rotating hook.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: Designed to be both lightweight and exceptionally durable for long-lasting use without compromising strength. Unlike other velvet hangers in the market, this hanger is strongest regarding the quality of the material.
  • Material: Velvet fabric/plastic
  • Delicate Garment Care: Soft notches cater specifically to strappy and slip dresses, while rounded corners prevent unsightly shoulder bulges, preserving your clothes's shape.
Crafted with an anti-slip soft velvet finish, this Homestrap hanger ensures your delicate fabrics stay securely in place. The 360-degree rotating zinc hook offers effortless access, while its lightweight yet sturdy design guarantees durability. Featuring soft notches specifically designed for strappy and slip dresses, along with rounded corners to prevent shoulder bulges for shirts, suits, etc, this hanger provides the ultimate clothing care. Additionally, the anti-slip velvet soft bar is ideal and strong for clothes and sarees.

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