About Us

About Us

Cupboards get messy. But they don’t have to stay that way.

Where’s that last shirt you purchased? Lost in the black hole of your messy cupboard? You’re not alone. Research shows that 70% of India’s home storage problems are related to cupboards.

Great Indian Cupboards face great challenges

Humid Indian weather conditions | Dusty cities and towns | Huge variety of clothes and fabrics | From daily wear to heirlooms | Keeping cupboards organized is seen as a woman or a mother’s job | One cupboard for everything and everything in one cupboard

No brand meets this specific need

When India thinks of organizing its cupboards, it doesn’t think of any specific brand. Existing Indian cupboard designs come with different storage patterns, that don’t solve Indian problems.

India needs a cupboard organizer brand that understands its unique challenges

Based on our exhaustive market research, we designed a simple, yet thoughtful solution to make cupboard organizing so easy, that even a child can manage it. Result? More free time and family time. No need to spend hours organizing your cupboard anymore.

We are the Great Indian Cupboard Organizers. We are on a mission to help India organize its cupboards and live stress-free. We have organized two million wardrobes so far. Is yours next?

Homestrap® is digital-first home storage and solutions brand created to make people’s lives easier and organized by solving the Great Indian Cupboard challenge.

Say hello to the efficient lifestyle you always wanted

With our wide range of products for Indian cupboards – from patented shirt stackers to hanging shelves, jewellery organizers to drawer dividers, and much more – get ready to welcome more efficiency. Find the right thing at the right time, freeing your time and also boosting your confidence.

Get the space to store more and store better, while gaining peace of mind and making time for family and yourself. Maximize compact spaces and know exactly how to manage excess at home. Finally, you feel a sense of well-being, positivity, and cleanliness that you always wanted for your home.

More products for an organized Indian home: We also have a kitchen, under-bed, bathroom, travel, and other solutions.

What make us nothing like you have seen before

Homestrap® is different – not because we say so, but because we think differently. We start where most others end: YOU. We start by designing for you, the Indian consumer.

See-through patented clothes stackers

Quickly know what’s inside. Easy to pull out and keep back in.

Dust and scuffing-protected saree covers

Stack them in separate units. Protect your sarees for years.

No more arranging your cupboards over and over

One-time solution. So convenient, that even a child can handle it.

Two-way strong zipper
Our premium-quality zippers ensure more durability. No more broken zippers.

Full flap opening

Place your belongings inside the stuff easily

Very desi. Very original.
Made in the best quality for the Indian way of living. Not aping the West.

For India, by Indians

Childhood sweethearts and now business partners, Priyanka and Akash were always passionate about keeping their spaces tidy. They were captivated by the science of organization. Life changed for them with parenthood, as their home went from clean to chaotic, creating disharmony in their personal lives and relationship. Seeking structure and organization in everything, they channeled their obsession into building Homestrap.

The duo makes for the perfect right-left brain combination for business – a fact validated by several personality and psychometric tests – accelerating their business upward.

Priyanka studied at Symbiosis and later at IIMBx and ITM Mumbai. As a homemaker and mother first, she brings deep and valuable consumer insights into the business, approving every prototype with a keen eye. Akash is a first-generation entrepreneur, from Sydenham Mumbai, and K J Somaiya. An astute businessman, he ensures operational excellence – a quality that spills over to his love for poker and cricket.

No messy homes. Only wow cupboards and more time for life. Quality that lasts. Value for money.