Fridge Storage Box Set

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Specs & Features:

  • Material: PET (BPA-Free & 100% Food Grade Safe)
  • Stackable Storage boxes can not only be placed in refrigerators, freezers, and cabinets, but they are also very suitable for use on countertops, bedrooms, and bathrooms, storing toys, cosmetics, and any small items in life.
  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • Product Dimensions: 4 qnty of (length: 12cm, Width: 8cm, Height: 7cm); 2 qnty of (length: 27cm, Width: 9cm, Height: 9cm); 1 qnty of (length: 28cm, Width: 14cm, Height: 6cm); 1 qnty of (length: 30cm, Width: 20cm, Height: 10cm); 1 qnty of (length: 32cm, Width: 24cm, Height: 18cm)

It's time to get your home organized with homestrap products! With many applications and configurations, homestrap products fit nicely in your closets or any storage space to make your life more comfortable and easy. Great for all kinds of storage. From a simple organization of a cupboard, storing veggies and fruit to drying utensils in the kitchen, clearing the clutter in your rooms, managing the stationery to your kids' toys, or moving into a new house, we got you covered with these selections. Let’s organize your day-to-day countertop, refrigerator, cabinets, dresser, bathroom, pantry, craft room, home, office, and living space and make life a little easier with multipurpose multi-use durable quality lightweight products. The organizer bins are not for microwaves, ovens, or dishwashers.

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