Premium Wooden Anti-Slip Hanger | Wooden Anti-Slip Silicone Teeth Hanger

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  • Premium Quality Hangers: Made from high-quality wood, these hangers are a closet essential, they are strong, durable, and lightweight with a premium look. They also have smooth notches for strappy clothes.
  • Non-Slip Pant Bar: The bar of this wood hanger has been fitted with grooved non-slip silicone teeth that keep pants, slack, and trousers, from falling off and crease-free.
  • 360-Degree Rotating Hooks: It has rust-free 360-degree rotating chrome hooks, that offer easy access when hanging clothes.
  • Smooth and Space-Saving: These hangers have a slim profile that maximizes space in your closet and helps store more clothes.
  • Chemically Disinfected for Best Care: Each hanger undergoes a thorough disinfection process for safe and hygienic use.

Homestrap wooden anti-slip hangers are designed to hold heavy, delicate, and strappy garments securely in place. Made from premium materials, these hangers have a unique anti-slip straight bar and smooth edges to prevent your clothes from slipping. They also have smooth non-slip notches at the top for strappy clothes, and a square bar with anti-slip silicone teeth to prevent creases and slipping. These hangers are the perfect balance of strength and finesse. They are lightweight yet durable and have rust-free 360-degree rotating chrome hooks for easy access. Also, they are chemically disinfected for safety.

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