Moisture Absorber Sachet 100 Grams

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Style: Classic
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  • Long-Lasting - With a generous 100g weight, our sachet offers long-lasting moisture absorption, providing continuous protection for your stored items. Infused with delightful lavender beads, leaves behind a calming aroma, refreshing your living spaces.
  • Natural Ingredients - Made with natural materials ,our sachet provides a natural and safe solution for moisture problems.
  • How to Use - Simply remove the outer packaging, and place the sachet with the white side facing upwards. Use one sachet per drawer or suitcase. Lasts up to 30 days depending on humidity conditions. After use replace the sachet when it becomes 2 to 3 times in size & the contents completely turn into a gel.
  • Can be used in compact storage spaces - Sachet is Suitable for drawers, bed boxes, suitcases, kitchen cabinets, and other small chests—100% spill-proof. Please keep it in a closed space because if it is in the open space it will not work.
  • Trusted by 3 Million Users - Over 30 Lakhs users trust Homestrap to Organize and protect their belongings.

Discover the soothing power of Classic with HomeStrap's Moisture Absorber Sachet. Crafted to combat moisture and infuse your space with a calming aroma, this 100g sachet is your go-to solution for a fresher, more inviting environment. Our advanced formula effortlessly absorbs excess moisture, transforming it into a gel. Ideal for wardrobes, closets, bathrooms, and more, let HomeStrap Classic Moisture Absorber Sachet redefine your home's atmosphere with relaxation and purity. Experience the ultimate blend of functionality with our Moisture Absorber Sachet.

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