Moisture Absorber Hanging Pouch 400 Gram

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Style: Lavender
Size: Pack of 4
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  • Combat Dampness Effectively - Keep your space dry and comfortable with Homestrap's Moisture Absorber Hanging Bag - the ultimate solution for combating dampness and humidity.
  • Dimensions: Length = 23 Cm & Height = 43 Cm.
  • Continuous Protection - Our moisture absorber provides continuous protection against mold and musty odors/smell, ensuring your belongings to stay dry and well-maintained.
  • Space-Saving Versatility - The compact size of this hanging dehumidifier bag allows for versatile placement in various small spaces without taking up valuable space.
  • Trusted by 3 Million Users - Over 30 Lakhs users trust Homestrap to Organize and protect their belongings.

Introducing Homestrap Convenient, Moisture Absorber with 3 types of packaging which contains Box, Hanging Pouch and Sachet, the ultimate solution for combating excess humidity in your home!Designed for convenient, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, this dehumidifier is your go-to choice for maintaining a fresh and healthy indoor environment. Featuring an easy hanging design, installation is a breeze – simply hang it in any enclosed space prone to moisture buildup, such as closets,bathrooms,basements.It efficiently absorbs moisture, preventing the growth of mold, mildew and fungus while keeping your belongings dry and odor-free.Crafted with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, our dehumidifier not only protects your home but also the environment.

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