Coconut Charcoal Fridge Deodorizer 60 Gram | Natural Odor Absorber for your Refrigerator

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  • Naturally Freshens: Homestrap Coconut Charcoal Fridge Deodorizer employs the power of activated coconut charcoal to naturally freshen your refrigerator. Effectively absorbs and neutralizes unpleasant odors, keeping your fridge smelling clean and fresh.
  • Product Dimensions and Material: 13 cm Length x 7 cm width x 3 cm Height, Ingredients: Activated Coconut Charcoal | Weight: 60 grams.
  • Long-Lasting and Chemical-Free: Provides long-lasting odor control, ensuring a continuously fresh environment inside your refrigerator. Made from natural coconut charcoal without any harmful chemicals, making it safe for food storage areas.
  • Easy to Use: Remove the Transparent film & simply place the deodorizer in your refrigerator to start enjoying its odor-absorbing benefits. Reusable for up to 2 Years, simply recharge in sunlight monthly. After 2 years sprinkle the coconut charcoal into the soil.
  • Trusted By 3 Million Users - Over 30 Lakhs users trust Homestrap to Organize and protect their belongings.

HomeStrap Coconut Charcoal Fridge Deodorizer is essential for maintaining a fresh-smelling refrigerator. They help neutralize odors and absorb any unwanted smells that might linger from various food items. Look for deodorizers specifically designed for refrigerators, often containing activated charcoal, as these substances are excellent at absorbing odors. Regularly replacing or refreshing your fridge deodorizer can help keep your refrigerator smelling clean and inviting. Homestrap deodorizer neutralizes tough food odors, keeping groceries fresh. Embrace a natural eco-friendly solution for a pleasant, odor-free environment. Go green with HomeStrap!

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