Let’s Declutter- The Smart Way!

Improving your life, career, health, or relationships should always start with an organized space that brings out the best version of yourself. You can never improve constructively when the kitchen sink is full of dishes, the closet is full of clothes, and the worktable is full, full of papers! This is where cleaning up the spaces comes into play.

An organized home can increase your productivity and make you feel more efficient. However, decluttering your home is a big task and needs to be tackled room by room and in stages. The most important thing is to fully complete the job before moving on to the next room. You don't need extravagant planning or days and weeks to organize your home. The right organizing elements will help you declutter your house within just a few hours! Here are a few tips to help you expedite cleaning and organizing your home:

  1. Smart Storage

Storage solutions are very important to keep your home tidy. Add sturdy wall hooks to the hallway to hang coats, hats, baskets, backpacks, and keys. Use labeled storage bins and baskets to store toys, magazines, pillows, stationery, and other small accessories. Keep a shoe rack or shoe rack for your shoes that will help keep mud and dust out of the rest of the house. You can also invest in smart storage elements, such as Homestrap, to store all your essentials effortlessly.

  1. Divide and Organize Clutter

The best way to deal with clutter is to clear everything out before you start. Distinguish your clutter before organizing. Remove all unwanted items and separate the rest into specific categories. For example, when cleaning the bathroom, place extra towels, first aid supplies, and medication in labelled containers. This will keep your bathroom cabinet organized and clean.

  1. Keep a Storage Container

A storage container is a container for items not needed in general, but you wish for them to be easily accessible and handy. They might contain books on the bedside tables that you have already read, pens and paper, etc.

  1. Clean Your Pantry

Cleaning your pantry is paramount as it will make it easier for you to find things when you are in a hurry. Clean up, remove expired products, donate unwanted products and give yourself a clean slate. Group items by use and meals, breakfast items should be kept within reach while baked goods can be kept behind. An organized pantry will help you prepare your meals on time, increasing your productivity.

  1. Clean Your Bed and Bedroom

The best way to start the day is to clean the bed. This immediately brings positive energy that will increase your productivity. So just pull up the sheets and fluff the pillows as soon as you get out of bed. Neat appearance, uncluttered, clean, and organized. You can also use wardrobe organizing products and under-bed storage products to help you organize your room, use space wisely, and ensure a neat and systematic appearance.

Organizing your home and decluttering the mess has more advantages than you can actually think of! A clean and organized environment directly affects the subconscious, thus increasing your peace of mind and hence, productivity.

Home organizing elements are seeping their way into Indian households and have proven to be very effective in terms of saving time and utilizing space.


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