Why Travel Shoe Bags Are a Packing Essential

1. Keeps your clothes clean and free from shoe dust -  If you're a regular traveler, you would have noticed that when shoes come in contact with clothes, they leave smudges and dirt marks behind. These small stains can ruin the entire look of your outfit. The best solution to avoid such situations is to put your dirty shoes in a separate shoe bag when packing.

2. Prevents your clothes from getting stained by sweat from your shoes - If your travel involves long hours on foot or if you are traveling during summer months then this is a very important benefit of using a shoe bag while packing. Sweat from your feet will definitely leave some mark on the inside of your clothes and thus having a shoe bag would be beneficial in avoiding such situations.

3. Keeping shoes in plastic bags is not good for the shoe - It is a common misconception that it is okay to use plastic bags for storing your shoes. The only thing it would help you with is increasing the life of your shoe by preventing dust from it. But covering up your shoes in one such bag for longer periods results in sweat and bad odor because the leather never gets a chance to breathe. Thus using a separate shoe bag would be beneficial as well as hygienic for both storage and usage purposes.

4: Preventing all types of dirt and germs from accumulating on them - Sometimes we forget to clean our room or car or sometimes just don't have enough time for that or maybe we tend to leave things as they are until we get reminded again, this causes accumulation of dust and germs on our shoes and ruin its quality. So it is advisable to have separate shoe bags so that when they are placed in open areas, all the dirt falls on them rather than getting scattered around.

5: Special shoes need special care - Some of us have specific types of shoes for specific purposes, for example running or gym or cricket, etc. These shoes cannot be placed in regular shoe racks because their style and design vary according to their usage, thus using individual shoe bags is recommended for these kinds of shoes too.

6: Preventing loss of polish - Most of us tend to forget to put our shoes back in proper places after use which causes damage due to pressure over each other thus causing loss of the inside polish causing wastage of time and money that can be avoided by segregation.

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