Most practical saree organizing tips you must know

Are you a woman who enjoys saree-wearing? If yes, then thank your stars because nothing can beat the beauty of a classic saree. But there are some women who dread to wear sarees not because it doesn't suit them but its long route of folding and draping is enough to give nightmares. For those women, we have come up with some simple hacks which will help them in organizing their favorite five-meter piece of clothing. This way they can enjoy both - wearing as well as storing a saree.

Let's take a look at the most practical tips that will help you keep your six yards in proper shape for a longer time:

1)  Keep your Saree Damp while Storing

2) Always keep a saree in a saree organizer box

3) Fold a saree properly to keep its hem safe from fraying and damage

4) Never store your sarees without cleaning them thoroughly first. Store clean and dirt-free fabric.

5) Keep separate organizers for silk sarees, synthetics ones should be kept separately so that they don't affect each other's quality.

6) To minimize wrinkles on cotton saree, place tissue papers between pleats before folding it up​ 7) Keep rotating your wardrobe so that you don't miss wearing  the saree you love

8) Don't keep your Sarees in plastic bags - It traps moisture and attracts moths.

9) Keep the saree away from open-air conditioners, cooling vents or open windows that will let dust particles cling to it.

10) When ironing a cotton saree, put a thin cloth between the fabric and the iron so that it doesn't seep through and stain it.

Benefits of saree organizers

Saree organizer helps keep your wardrobe neat and tidy. Also, they help keep your clothes from creasing, maintaining their original shape. In this article, we give you some benefits of organizing your sarees with an organizer.

1) Keeps saree crease free-

Organize your clothes by investing in a saree organiser! The best part about these products is that they help you organize every saree without any damage.

2) Prevents wrinkles -

Organize your saree with a saree organizer. The unique design allows each pleat to be preserved, thus preventing the garment from getting wrinkled over time. This way you can preserve every detail of your sarees just like when they were new!

3) Saves space -

Do you have trouble keeping your closet neat and tidy? Make use of this space! Simply fold your favourite piece of clothing into an organizer that takes up hardly any space at all, leaving room for everything else in your wardrobe.

4) Fits perfectly -

These organizers are designed to fit perfectly inside your wardrobe or cupboard making optimum use of the available space while allowing easy access to each garment.

5) Acts a perfect present -

A saree organizer acts as a perfect present for women of all ages. Men can also purchase one as a gift for their partners to keep their wardrobes organized and clutter-free.

Why HomeStrap for saree organizers?

1)No compromise with quality - At homestrap, our foremost priority is to keep all our products aligned with the premium quality.

2)Affordable - We provide storage organizer options at pocket-friendly prices. Organized home storage should be affordable for everyone.

3)Timely delivery - We understand the importance of timely delivery, hence, our goal is to send your orders on time.

4) Variety of options available - HomeStrap deals in different kinds of organizers with multiple varieties available. You can compare and choose the product best suited for your requirement.

5) Best online shopping experience - We thrive to provide a seamless shopping experience to all our customers.


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