Closet Care Ultimate Wardrobe Organizning Kit

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  • Wardrobe organizer and Storing Combo Kit
  • Package Contains: 6pcs of Blue Printed 3inch Saree Cover, 4pcs of Blue Printed Hanging Accessories Storage Organizer, 6pcs of Blue Printed Stackable Shirt Organizer with Lid, 2pc of saree cover, 1pc of Blue Printed Underbed Storage Bag and 1pcs of Wardrobe Storage Bin Box with Side Handles and Removable Dividers
Tired of a dirty, messy, and unorganized wardrobe with clothes, toys, and essentials just lying here and there? Let's come together to organize and store your essentials and loved products together and make life hassle-free. Introducing our wardrobe organizer combo which is the ultimate solution for all your storage needs! Our products are made of non-woven and vinyl material. The products are lightweight, water-repellent, and also help to protect from dust, and moisture.the shirt organizer are stackable with lid on top allows placing your shirts conveniently without causing any wrinkles, front open- keeping the clothes inside visible and easy to access | designed perfectly to fit in folded shirts, tops. Multipurpose clothes cover has 3 inches of height to conveniently fit your heavy sarees and suits in the cover. Comes with 2 premium zippers with a transparent front window keeping the clothes inside visible and easy to access. Multipurpose hanging wardrobe organizer for storing jewellery, garments, socks, belts and other accessories comes with 16 clear vinyl pockets giving instant visibility and hanging in your wardrobe and saving space but the hanger is not included. Printed Underbed Storage bags can easily store up to two double-bed comforters. Large front window to instantly know what is kept inside without opening the bag again and again. Two soft sturdy grab handles for easy lifting, removal and replacement.Two premium zippers for easy opening and closing. 2 Compartment Storage Bin with Dual Lid, removable or adjustable dividers and Handle for storing clothes, toys, books, and so on. It's perfect for the closet organizing bins serving as closet organizers or storage containers in the entertainment room, bookshelf, towels, clothes, accessories, and files on the closet or wardrobe shelves. Easily stacked one on top of the other, magically creating more space in your wardrobe, avoid creases in clothes
so why wait? Order yours today and start enjoying a more organized and clutter-free life!

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