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The Great Indian Cupboard Organization Specialists
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Tips to organize your jewellery

Organise your jewellery in a jewel box or keep it organized in jewelry organizers. It will help you find the right necklace for that new dress, or earrings to match that new outfit. Organizing your jewels is not just about finding them easily when you need them, but also making sure they are kept securely without getting tangled up.

To help get maximum efficiency out of your jewellery organisers, you can follow these 10 easy tips:

1- Organize by color: You can organize all of your bracelets together on one side of the organizer while leaving the other side free for your necklaces. Alternatively, divide each type of jewellery amongst different shelves if there are several types in one jewellery organizer .

2- Organize by pattern: Organizing jewellery by pattern helps you identify your pieces faster and easier by using a simple glance. To do this, you can either pick a pattern that works for your jewellery or you can start with one of the many different patterns offered by various jewellery organisers.

3- Organize according to style: If the types of jewellery you wear are all similar such as rings, earrings, and necklaces - it makes sense to group them together so they are kept neatly together rather than separated between different drawers. You can organize them by styles such as vintage or modern or even by color.

4- Keep your jewellery clean: It is important to keep your jewellery clean. This will not only help you identify them easily but also avoid any skin irritations that can be caused by wearing dirty jewellery. You should have a suitable container to store all jewelry separately so they are kept clean and dust-free all the time.

5- Organize according to body part: If you wear different types of jewellery on different parts of your body, it is best if they are stored where you put them rather than having them lying around the dressing table or drawer inside your room.

6- Keep items in pairs: When storing all kinds of jewellery together, make sure that each piece is paired with another one - this includes earrings, brooches or even neckpieces that are easily accessible in time of need.

7- Store most frequently used jewelry on the ready: Keep all your rings and earrings with you. Use a tray or small box and store jewellery kept in pairs according to fingers (ring finger and small finger) and ears (right ear and left ear).

8- Keep in a good quality jewellery organiser box: Cheap quality boxes can ruin the jewellery so it is advisable to buy a good quality jewellery box which can be wall-mounted or kept on table.

9- Keep away from water: Avoid keeping jewelry in the bathroom or near sinks. It is advisable to buy special boxes that are waterproof, so the water doesn't reach your precious jewellery

10- Keep dry and clean: Wipe off any perspiration before wearing jewellery especially rings as it gets accumulated under the ring band which may lead to breakage of the stone or band of the ring.

Types of jewellery organizers

There are different types of jewellery boxes that you can purchase to organize your jewellery. You need to be aware that not all jewellery organizers are created equal, and some will be better than others at organizing your jewellery. For instance, there is the fold-down style that hangs on a door, the stand-on-the-dresser type with drawers for each piece, or one with accordion-like pockets where the pieces dangle off hangers. These should do well for most ladies' needs; however, if you have more than just simple necklaces, bracelets, and rings then you may want to consider buying an organizer with multiple levels or shelves like this jewelry case.

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